Who’s That Man… In Mr Turk

It’s Alex Hall, professor of Climate Science at UCLA and Brompton folding bicycle fan (Brompton.com). Alex studies climate change and is often heard on NPR when they need a sound bite on the subject. He has an upcoming article in Playboy in which he argues that although climate change is a daunting subject, the correct response is not just throwing up our hands and saying “there’s nothing we can do.”

When i asked Alex what we can do, this is how he responded-

People should focus on how they can make their own lives better AND save the planet. In the U.S., the greenhouse-gas-emitting activity people generally have the most control over is transportation. If you can find a way to incorporate walking, biking, and public transportation into your life somehow, even just one day a week or for a couple of trips per week, that’s starting to make an immediate difference to your carbon footprint, and it can make your life better. I’ve been getting to work through a bike/bus combination for about a year now, and I’ll never go back to driving. I burn a few extra calories every day, it often is quicker than driving, and it’s fun. Plus I save tons of money not having to pay all the expenses of a car. So my advice is to try to find that win-win combination in your life.

Great suggestion Alex, besides biking to work ensures that more people will see your terrific Mr Turk outfit and with all those burnt calories you may be able to fit into one size smaller pants! It’s a Quadruple Win!

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