Who’s That Man… In Mr Turk

It’s Luke Austin, aka @lukeaustinphotosthe3rd from Instagram. If you follow Luke you know he’s a creative photographer who’s married to Marcus Paglialonga. His insta-feed is cheeky, witty, often sexy and always hilarious.

Luke was an early Instagram adopter. With thousands of #instafriends cheering him on and sometimes literally taking him in, he saw the world insta-style.

He left his hometown of Sydney, Australia with not much more than a camera and an iPhone and travelled to cities around the world where he’d struck up #instafriendships and moved in. In #losangeles Luke finally met @mpaglialonga, the designer of the clothing line Gypsy Junkies. These two had been carrying on an #instaflitation for months and when they connected offline the electricity was still there.

After his six month odyssey ended Luke moved to LA, married Marcus and is prepared to live #happilyeverafter. And we got to watch it all live on Instagram.

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